Fall Tour!

Next week the Company is going on tour! Our first show is at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative on October 17. We will be performing two pieces that together are 60 minutes long:

Spazzolino: Cameriere e Cavaliere: Out of Italian theatrical tradition, puppeteer Angelo Aiello has created an original character named Spazzolino. He’s a rascal and prankster who can’t help but save the day, a wooden-headed hero to the people who embodies a mischievous joie di vivre. He wants only two things: a mountain of beans to eat and justice for everyone. With a good heart and a good fork, he can get himself out of (almost) any situation. 

King Pepper: Based on a fairy tale by Italo Calvino. Princess Reginella is unimpressed with all of her potential suitors, so she decides to create her husband herself. She builds her king out of flour and sugar, with a red chili pepper for a mouth. But when an evil queen kidnaps King Pepper, Reginella needs to enact a daring rescue.

Both are written and performed by Angelo Aiello with live musical accompaniment by Rachel Icenogle

On October 18, we will be returning to the Black Cherry Puppet Theater, presenting the ribald Spazzolino and the Fallo Fail: based on a commedia dell’arte sketch, this is the story of Spazzolino, an errant servant who is sent to obtain a potion for help resolving his master Magnifico’s performance issues.  But Spazzolino can’t resist drinking it himself! 

Featuring puppets made by Zanubrio Marionettes and music written by Rachel Icenogle, Lis Dembling, and Mark Watter.

Thursday, October 17 at 6:30pm, 60 minutes

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, 209 Monticello Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Tickets $8-10 

Friday October 18th at 8pm, 50 minutes

Black Cherry Puppet Theater, 1115 Hollins Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21223

Tickets $8-12 

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