Company Aiello, the artistic project of Angelo Aiello

In ten years of activity around the world: art, performance, and creative workshops, Company Aiello puts people, nature, culture, and quality of life at the center of its mission. The project began in 2007 with the creation of a series of original folk puppet shows called The Adventures of Spazzolino, as well as recreational art workshops using mostly recycled/found materials, in collaboration with Associazione Mammalucco and Zanubrio Marionettes. The concept of the workshops was largely inspired by the designer Bruno Munari:

"These [types of] games allow the child to intervene, to actively participate and to use their imagination to solve simple problems, or to visualize different actions, or to build something in the three-dimensional space with modulated elements ... In the first years of life, the individual is formed and will remain so throughout their life. It depends on the educators if this person will then be a creative person or if they will be a simple repeater of codes."
Bruno Munari, Fantasia.

With the writer Michele D’Ignazio, Company Aiello developed the project Storia di Matita. Angelo created two new puppets for his theater, Lapo Matita and Perpie Pencil, and together with Michele they realized the cultural project entitled In Punta di Matita. For the last three years they frequently tour across Italy, bringing to schools and theaters the idea that with imagination, creativity, and good artistic practices, you can take care of the environment while also learning and having fun.

The activity of Company Aiello has been enriched in recent years in collaboration with musician and composer Rachel Icenogle, who has written soundtracks for the shows Storia di una Matita, King Pepper and Other Stories, and Spazzolino Cameriere e Cavaliere.
In 2018 Company Aiello is realizing two new co-productions: the first with a theater from Bergamo, La Voce delle Cose, which granted the use in America of some of their object theater games, entitled Unconscious Theater Machines. The second coproduction, with Filitalia International and the Italian Immigration Museum in Philadelphia, USA, is the show entitled Onwards & Upwards: The Italian-American Dream, where the positive values ​​that immigration has represented for entire generations are told, in a historical moment where human life is too often compared to something that can be thrown away.
There are many ways to interact with Company Aiello, but overall we are convinced that:
 "... We usually think of culture as something created, preserved and developed only by the efforts of humanity. But culture always derives from the collaboration between human and nature. When the unity of the human community is realized, culture takes shape on its own. Culture is closely linked to everyday life, and has been handed down to future generations, and has continued until the present time. "
Masanobu Fukuoka “ The One-Straw Revolution”.


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